The curriculum provides the highest quality teaching and learning experience. It inspires pupils to re-engage in learning and promote high aspirations. It aims to:

  • accelerate pupils’ academic progress and attainment in line with their peers in order to minimise any detrimental effects of missing education due to a health need
  • provide education which complements that of the home school and support smooth transition
  • support the young person with transition or progression planning
  • develop pupils’ personal skills in readiness to participate fully in their communities
  • raise self-esteem and build self-image;

The curriculum for pupils accessing the provision is individualised and bespoke to their identified needs. It offers wellbeing support and respite as well as teaching core curriculum subjects. Generically, the curriculum time is broken down into 70% core skills, English, mathematics, science and IT, as well as additional literacy and numeracy programmes and 30% on PSHE and activities of daily living including:

  • Wellbeing and safety
  • Citizenship
  • Mindfulness – relaxation/ yoga
  • Culture and communication :  PE, arts, humanities, drama, music, languages – these will be of an engagement/ therapeutic nature

Schemes of work and Termly Overviews in each of the core subjects are available to schools for each of the key stages. The schemes are knowledge and skills based and cover age appropriate content taken from the National Curriculum. In Key Stage 4, learning  is knowledge based and is designed to support the theory and content of the range of qualification specifications available. It does not, however, teach to a specific qualification board and cover individual coursework requirements.

In cases where the pupil is unable to be re-integrated back into their school within the expected time frame, additional curriculum delivery arrangements will be made as part of the young person’s Individual Health Care Plan. 

All pupils receive mentoring support through their key workers and are encouraged to partake in regular physical activity where possible.

Young people benefit most from being amongst their peers and studying the full curriculum offered by their home school, therefore it is always the intention to support the young person with their re-integration into their home school.

If you wish to find out more about the curriculum please make contact with either the STC or Hub Manager for your local hub using the Hubs Pages.